Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC

Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC

Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC
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Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC


• Asthma

• Neck & Back Pain & Injuries

• Chemotherapy Drug Allergies

• Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

• Eczema & Rashes

• Endocrine Dysfunction

• Environmental &
  Seasonal Allergies

• Infertility, Miscarriages

• Food Allergies

• Food Poisoning

• Gastrointestinal Disorders

• Headaches, Migraines

• Hormonal Imbalances

• Insect Bites

• Insomnia

• Low Immunity

• Medication & Drug Allergies

• Pet Allergies

• Pet & Animal Treatments

• Respiratory Problems

• Seizures & Epilepsy

• Stress

Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Low Energy Testimonials

My son has always struggled with food allergies and is a very picky eater so it became impossible for him  to avoid foods that caused him trouble.  He didn’t eat very well, was tired all the time, couldn’t focus in school and was very moody.  It seemed like everything was a battle with him.  He started to isolate himself more and didn’t even want to go out with friends.

Last spring I took my 14 year old son to see Sophya Itskovich (NAET Practitioner) as a last effort to help him with his varied symptoms.  Sophya immediately had a connection with Brady and had an ability to make him feel better about himself during the sessions.  I didn’t notice many changes right away.  Near the end of having the basics cleared I noticed he was a lot calmer at home.  He was still a bit moody but it was more typical teenager mood swings.

After basics were completed and he began getting cleared for other items I noticed even more changes. He started trying new things to eat and he now eats better.  His ability to concentrate at school improved and his relationships with his teachers grew as well. It has now been 8 months (29 sessions) since we have been seeing Sophya.  We are approaching the end of his treatments and he is in many ways a very different person than he was when we started.  The biggest change I have seen in him is his increasing self-esteem.  He isn’t isolating himself any longer and is actually enjoying some physical activity.  This semester in school he is doing really well and is taking pride in his work. I am grateful to my friend for recommending Sophya to me as she has helped Brady in so many different ways.

Darcee C.


I have been coming to Sophya for about 7 months now with my 2 year old son.  It has really helped both of us a great deal. I have a heart condition and consequently feel tired most of the time.  Before I met Sophya, I had been told I would never improve more than what I was and had lost all hope.  I thought why not try holistic medicine; what do I have to lose?

About a month of seeing Sophya, my energy was much better and I feeling really optimistic.  About four months after seeing Sophya, I ran up a flight of stairs for the first time in about 4 years!  I did it unconsciously, but when I reached the top and realized what I had done I cried with joy.  I never thought I would be able to do that again even though it is such a simple thing.  I also used to retain so much water that I would have to take water pills about 3-6 times a week.  If I retain too much water it can lead to me going into heart failure, so this is a really big deal for me.  Well after about 7 months of going to see Sophya I only take about 1 a week and sometimes I take none a week.  That makes me really happy.

My son suffered from eczema all over his little hands and was pretty much an insomniac for the first two years of his life.  After Sophya told us what foods he was sensitive to, eliminating them from his diet and with her working with him, his little hands are finally smooth like they should be.  They used to always be all bloody and hurt him so much, so Sophya has really helped my son.  He also only wakes up once a night now compared to about 7 times a night, so we are all much happier.

In conclusion, I am very happy to have been and still be a patient at Sophya’s clinic.  She has helped my son and I a great deal, and I can honestly say I feel like a different person than I did 7 months ago.

Thanks Sophya.

Sincerely: Vieira


Before NAET treatment, I felt sick all the time, sleepy, and couldn’t think properly. I would have trouble waking up, focusing in school, and doing any outdoor activities. Not only did I look unhealthy, I actually was. I wouldn’t eat fruit, vegetables, meats, only grains and fast food.

After treatment, I could think very clearly, wake up easily, and I actually tried foods before I wouldn’t consider eating. School is much easier now, and I’m in better health.

What I like about Sophya is her willingness to help, and how easy she makes it to get better

Brady C.


My original complaints were vague but included poor concentration, weak eyes, an inability to digest food like bread and ice cream or mix food like proteins with starch. I suffered (as did my family) with irritability, poor sleeping patterns, poor waking patterns - a feeling of overall unwellness, fatigue and depression. Many of my symptoms may be attributed to “Chemo Brain” a direct result of having survived cancer 10 years ago. There seems to be no help available in standard western medical practice for any of these symptoms except counselling which at best, tried to get me to accept the “new me” as normal.

As I started treatments with Sophya and began to heal, I immediately enjoyed a highly improved circadian rhythm; my ability to concentrate, read, follow plotlines on shows and things like that improved within the first 6 treatments. I also noticed that  I didn’t loose myself or my things as often - like where I parked or directions to places I had driven before. When leaving the house, I was much more collected, remembering my cell, and keys, and things that often frustrated me before treatment - things that left me cranky and irritated before even starting my day! I had “reactions” to most of the treatments that passed within a few hours each time, including indigestion, sleepiness, belching up the test of chemo medicine!

Improvements I hadn’t expected but got anyways included muscle healing and pain relief; my sense of humour and quirky (puns) returned and lately, my weight is dropping - probably a direct result of the much higher energy levels I now experience.

I recently started a new job and “suddenly” the computer work isn’t as irritating as it used to be - I can spend hours doing computer tasks without the feeling of anxiety and stress that it used to produce and my eyes don’t get tired or anything! O and the summer skin rashes I have had since I was a baby have completely disappeared even though I rarely wear sunscreen and I garden a lot!  These changes are, in my opinion, quite miraculous as it has been less that 4 month since I started (and completed) thrice a week treatments. My best testament to Sophya’s work - my sons are also in her care.

Thank you for restoring my vitality, clarity and overall health - it is such a relief and a pleasure to be your patient.

With love and gratitude,



Hello Sophya,

From the bottom of my heart Thank You so very much. I am feeling great. Really fantastic! I am eating well with a good appetite, thinking clearly, and lots of energy.

I will keep you posted.

All My Best,



"To my great surprise and much luck, I won a gift certificate for a Chinese medicine consultation  while attending an e-Women's network event this Summer.

Initially I thought I didn't need to visit a Chinese doctor because I didn't have a chronic illness or pain, but I always could use more energy.  So with an open  mind, I booked a consultation with Sophya.

My first consultation was very impressive!  Sophya's warm smile, caring personality combined with amazing  knowledge and skill was an unexpected delight! I left her office feeling fantastic with a definite boost of energy and a feeling of contentment.

Today I regularly visit Sophya and I recommend Sophya to almost all my friends and family, if they have an open mind and are willing to try something  different."


Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC
Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC Children's Allergies Relief Vancouver BC

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